Behind the Truth and the Legend

Chico Limjap is a Manila based freelance photographer, who is trying to save his soul from his corporate desk job.

About Chico

Chico Limjap shoots with a Pentax, and somehow he sounds sheepish about it. “I inherited my grandfather’s prime lens kit in 2006 and it came with a Pentax Spotmatic II, which I shot with using slide film,” he says. He says those lenses changed the way he looked at taking pictures. Four years later, Chico uses a K10d and a K-x (a white one) and his shots reflect an ever-expanding curiosity and un-sheepish passion for photography. He’s at his best when shooting urban landscapes, capturing Metro Manila’s constantly shifting life and light; or the sun rising over a mountain in Batangas.

This site is his foray into becoming a freelance photographer, whilst maintaining his corporate career. With a couple of published works to his credit, Chico sees himself shooting portraits, and landscapes. His other interests, like music and mixed martial arts, has led him to shoot diverse subjects in different locations.

For inquiries or bookings, send Chico a message at