Behind the Truth and the Legend

Chico Limjap is a Manila based freelance photographer, who is trying to save his soul from his corporate desk job.

Basic Space 

A couple of months back I did a gig that involved shooting interiors. First thing I had in mind was, wide angle lens and tripod then you’re done. But, boy was I surprised to find out that shooting interiors is just like shooting portraits. You use a main light, and you’ll need a little fill light. Of course there’s no exact, or right way for shooting a room. You can go HDR, or choose available light, in fact you can shoot it any way you want. But we all know it’s more fun to shoot in the Philippines  with a couple of small flashes at you disposal. With the help of google, I was able to learn a few techniques from this guy and this blog post. 

But what’s really a trip would be shooting bath rooms. They are supper challenging cause their tiny, you’ll have to do some crouching tiger moves. They also have mirrors that expose the photog easily. And sometimes the floors can still look kinda icky even when they say they cleaned them before the shoot.

These shots above were taken with one light in the shower, then the fill is in the form of a ring flash. Yes, the ring does a great job to fill in those shadows, most especially in tiny little bathrooms. =) The main light is pretty much finding a spot in the shower where you can bounce the light all over the place. This is where small flash can come in real handy, because these strobes don’t get that stressed when you’re bouncing-off into tight spaces with mirrors. White ceilings and white shower curtains are heaven sent, it’s like being inside a soft box. 

More soon. =D