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Chico Limjap is a Manila based freelance photographer, who is trying to save his soul from his corporate desk job.

March 6, 2012

This blog is a year old today! whoohooo =D Never really thought I’d last this long. I’ve tried blogging before, had a livejournal phase and a (don’t laugh) multiply phase, but nothin really lasted… So i’m patting myself on the back for this. =D 

The photos above are from my first ever photo shoot. I think it’s fitting to add these up here, cause this was pretty much the point of no return for me. This was the jump from toy camera to SLR.

Metadata of the orginal film scan says these were shot in July of ‘07. I remember I had with me rolls of expired Fuji Sensia and Velvia. Back in 07 Lomo was the hip thing for me, so I shot with Fuji slide film then cross-processed them with the non-slide film chemicals (aka Xpro). That would be the “Lomo way” of developing film. I honestly can’t remember what roll I used here, but I think they were the Velvias. Armed with an LCA (not the LCA+) and my trusty Lomo Fisheye , I also had my granddad’s Super Takumars along with an old Asahi Pentax Spotmatic 2 body.   I had no idea what I was doing. With some basic knowledge on manual exposure all I had going in my mind was: shoot the model, make her look cool. 

I can’t believe its been half a decade since I picked up a camera. Jeez. Time truly does fly. 

I’m thankful there is this thing called photography. 


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