Behind the Truth and the Legend

Chico Limjap is a Manila based freelance photographer, who is trying to save his soul from his corporate desk job.

Flash and Burn with SINYMA@Time in Manila 

Ok, lemme share the technique… 

Did some rear curtain + slow shutter flash action. Since my biggest f stop was at f5.6, I found myself setting my camera to Shutter Speed Priority… This way, I could bleed the ambient whilst my camera was sitting nicely (and vibrating) on the DJ booth speakers. The result is a bunch of neon lights going all fuzzy. My subjects stay sharp because of the rear curtain sync. 

Then, for the first time ever, I made use of the multi exposure feature of my camera. I used to do this technique a lot when I toyed with film. With digital, it feels kinda weird. I liked how with the old film cameras you would literally wind the film back… Today, it’s just really just pushing a button. No thrill. Still on shutter priority, my first exposure would be the dance floor, and i’d drag the shutter down to around 2 - 3 seconds. Second exposure, I raise the shutter all the way to 250th and aim for my subjects, freezing them with my flash. 

It’s pretty hard to focus in a dark club with a whole bunch of moving subjects, so I set my auto focus to automatic mode, then chose an f stop that would hold sharpness, the rest was up to the auto focus assist of the on-board sb900. 

Shout outs to Alvin, Euvy, Mau, Cy, Nyko and Madz!  

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